Friends & Extended Family

Almost 3 decades now that I’ve been teaching self protection. I began literally teaching in church basements in the suburbs of St. Lambert, Quebec as early back as 1987 to whoever was interested enough to learn from me. From there I’ve travelled the world and got to learn, train with and teach as well as teach along some of the biggest names the martial arts/self defense industry has to offer and according to the general public consensus, I’ve somehow secured a position as one of the top 5 in the world at what I do. As flattering as that maybe, and in my most humble opinion some of the very best in the industry today are my friends Chris Roberts  and his Team and of course, Wes Derequito and the Senshido International team.


Then, there is Debi Steven, my very first official Senshido international team member and sister from another mother and father for that matter; the founder of Action Breaks Silence whose purpose is to empower, educate and protect women and children across the world, with an initial focus on Africa and South Asia. Debi is the most selfless human being I personally know and I will soon be joining her and her team on several of their quests.

By supporting Action Breaks Silence, you are not only helping women and teenage girls in India and worldwide but also taking an important step towards opposing VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN anywhere in the world. Please help her and her cause by donating to their incredible cause! You can do so by donating straight to her website or by purchasing anything from my shop section as I donate 10% of all my sales to Action Breaks Silence.

Besides the skill level, what I believe makes these people the best at what they do are their Heart and Passion. Not to be successful, not to become famous or infamous or make the cover of magazines or for accolades of any sort, no, they sincerely have the heart and passion to help people anyway they can. Almost 3 decades in the industry and I’ve come across a couple of handfuls of such passionate people as they are rare indeed. Here they are in no particular order:

Melissa Soalt AKA Dr. Ruthless

Alain Frenette

Stuart Rider

Lee Morrison

Kenny Ramsahai

Marc Joseph

Jesse Lawn

Trevor Wilcox

Ryan Hoover

Scott Sonnon

Kevin O’Hagan

John Kolakovic

Tony Torres

Kevin Secours

Nat McDonald

More to come….