Public Classes & Private Instruction


I am no longer available for teaching Public Group Classes until summer of 2016. Sorry, fully booked. 

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: I understand some people don’t have the time or inclination to participate in, or attend scheduled group sessions & workshops. I also appreciate that there are people who want their training more personalized than attending a workshop or group class, or to maybe continue their training after participating in one of my seminars.

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Perhaps you are someone particularly concerned with a present or future situation you may find yourself in, such as travelling abroad for business or pleasure, or dealing with a current threatening situation and are concerned about your safety requiring something more personalized and tailored to your specific needs; this is why I offer private & custom-made instruction for individuals or groups.


Private lessons are specifically catered to you and your partner or group’s requests (where applicable), allowing much more time to go over everyone of your concerns and to personally watch over every aspect of the lesson therefore by consequence, increasing the value of your development and performance at a much more rapid pace than that of the generic group class or workshop format.

I am presently available to teach at Senshido International’s new home and headquarters; A1A Training Center located at 1201 90th Avenue Lasalle, Québec or to travel to any destination of your choosing be it local or international.

COST: Varies depending on the number of people, location and hours booked.

For more information on the group classes in Lasalle or to book a customized or private lesson, please contact me at or call 514-712-2942